owen_stephens (owen_stephens) wrote,

Critical Deck Ideas

I've been playing with Pathfinder game mechanics using the Critical Hit deck from Paizo. I've come up with some I like, though they're still very rough. For example.

Combat Maneuvers
Called Shot. When you make an attack roll you may choose to use this combat maneuver. To do so, take a penalty to one attack roll. The penalty may range from -1 to up to half your base attack bonus (although you may always take at least a -1 penalty). Select an area of the creature you are attacking to target. If your attack hits, select a number of cards from the critical hit deck equal to the penalty you took to your attack. If one of the cards selected gives an effect based on the area you targeted, you may inflict that effect.

Spellcasting Options
Spell Surge. When you cast a harmful spell, you may expend two spell slots to attempt to gain an additional spell effect. Select one critical hit card. If the magic critical listed on the card has an effect other than dealing additional damage, you may apply that effect.

Dangerous Falling Rules
When you fall you must make an Acrobatics check. If your check does not total at least half the distance you fell in feet, the damage taken (1d6/10 feet) has one critical bludgeoning effect from a critical hit card applied.
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