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Gen Con Schedule

Tomorrow, I leave to drive up to Gen Con. So it seems like it's time to post my schedules, as it currently exists.

To begin with, both I and fellow Super Genius Stan! are Industry Insider Guests of Honor at this year's Gen Con, so we'll be at a number of the seminar panels that Gen Con is hosting. Super Genius does not have a booth of its own, but all of our print products will be available at the Studio 2 Publishing booth (#320), and that will be our home base when we're not involved in other events. Stop by, say hi ... and check out our latest books.

I have some specific seminars and events planned, so here's where and when you are most likely to find me.

Arrive in Indianapolis. Depending on when I show up, I might be free to get together with some fan and/or friends until 9pm, when I will mysterious disappear. (If anyone wants to suggest a pre-9 activity, feel free to leave a message here, or on Facebook, or by email, or even on the Paizo boards somewhere I can find it.)

Noon to 1pm: Starting Your Own Game Company And Running It
with Stan!, Brian Lewis, Steven Charbonneau, Michael Elliott

6pm-7pm: Adapting Games From Intellectual Properties
with Matt Forbeck, Stan!, Mike Gray

10am-11:30am: Different Philosophies of Game Design
with Bryan Tillman, Eric Lang, Mike Gray, Matt Forbeck

5pm-6pm: Writing For the RPG Industry
with Jeff Tidball, Brian Tillman, Matt Forbeck

The rest of the night, I'm likely to be at or near the ENnies.

1pm-2pm NeonCon/CreativeU booth (#2435). The Geniuses all plan to gather here at this time... though there's no telling what we'll be doing. But you are invited!

9pm-onward, I'm likely to be gaming with one or more groups of friends I don't get to see often enough.

11am-Noon: The Art of Freelancing
with Matt Forbeck, Eric Lang, David Hill, Jeff Tidball

Of course, all the Geniuses will be making appearances in other booths, too. In particular, we're going to make a point of spending a bunch of time at the Paizo Publishing booth (#2302). So much of Super Genius Games' success this year has been due to the support of the Pathfinder community (including the Paizo staff) that we feel it's important to give that we show our support in return. Adventurer's Handbook will be for sale in the Paizo booth, and we'll be there to answer questions about any of our past or upcoming projects.
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